Why should I use SNAP-CUTANA Spike-ins to troubleshoot my workflows?

SNAP-CUTANA™ Spike-ins are the only control that can be used for CUT&RUN optimization, workflow monitoring, antibody validation, and troubleshooting. EpiCypher recommends pairing the SNAP-CUTANA K-MetStat Panel with our validated H3K4me3 positive and IgG negative control antibodies in each experiment to help ensure experimental success.

The K-MetStat Panel is a defined spike-in control

Although the SNAP-CUTANA K-MetStat Panel works like other genomic spike-ins, its design comes with added benefits. The K-MetStat Panel is the only control that uses purified recombinant nucleosomes, replicating the physiological target of CUT&RUN assays. The panel comprises 16 unique nucleosomes, each containing a distinct histone lysine methylation PTM (or unmodified) and DNA barcode, which provides both on- and off-target substrates for control reactions.

Streamlined control for improved CUT&RUN

The K-MetStat Panel is directly added to cells and processed alongside the sample throughout the CUT&RUN protocol in one easy step (see Figure 1 below). The spike-in data can be used to validate specific aspects of the workflow, such as antibody specificity or enzyme activity, and provide key insights for troubleshooting. For information on how to use the K-MetStat Panel for workflow validation and monitoring technical variability, see this article.

Figure 1. SNAP-CUTANA Spike-in Controls are processed alongside samples for a direct, in-assay readout of experimental success.

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