Can I use my ChIP antibody for CUT&RUN?

You may try, but fair warning: EpiCypher has found that success in ChIP does NOT guarantee success in CUT&RUN.

This is largely due to differences in sample prep and processing steps. ChIP uses heavily cross-linked cells, stringent wash buffers, and bead-coupled antibodies to help maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. However, these strategies often lead to loss of on-target signal, which is particularly problematic for low abundance targets. To counteract these effect, ChIP requires highly efficient antibodies, with high yields.

In contrast, CUT&RUN uses native chromatin, mild washes, and antibodies in solution, reflecting the increased sensitivity of this newer technique. The only way to know if your antibody will work in CUT&RUN if the antibody has been tested in this assay - antibody validation using ChIP, immunoblot, ELISA, IHC, or other techniques is NOT a predictor of CUT&RUN performance.

For your convenience, EpiCypher offers CUT&RUN-validated antibodies, which you can shop here.

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